"Kirsten - WOW! What a beautiful magical wand/antenna you are - and what an extraordinary natural gift you have. I don't even know how to describe how seemingly effortlessly you facilitated the most transformational shift in my life. It was literally the next day that my whole world opened up and things started to flow EXACTLY how I had been hoping and imagining but just couldn't make work (for years). The experience "on your table" was nothing like I had ever felt before with complete and total knowingness that SOMETHING very true and real was happening to me. I'm sure its not the same for everyone but for me it was total body buzzing every time we found a 'truth' or seemed to make a breakthrough and then complete emotional release like I had never experienced before. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had with a practitioner and I know I am still benefitting today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
-Ashley Jubinville – Buderim
Body Consciousness is a great way to unlock my true potential and create the life of abundance and success I’ve always wanted. Kirsten is an excellent facilitator and her positive intuition and insight has helped me to become more balanced and open to my success. I can definitely recommend Kirsten and the BC modality to anyone who wants to really get their life on track and become successful in all areas.
-Corey Purser, Brisbane
“You have changed my life and I cannot thank you enough.  I can say with each week of working with Kirsten I felt better and better. I learned that by loving myself and my body the possibilities are endless. She showed me that with positive affirmations and being in tune to my body, thoughts and feelings I have the power to change my life! I cannot say enough about what she did for me. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. Some of the ways I benefitted from our sessions are; healthier energy, healthier habits, I feel lighter, less depressed and have a higher sense of self love. These are just to name a few. I can literally go on and on! Kirsten from the bottom of my heart I thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn about this life changing, healing, gift! This is proof that by loving yourself and your body the possibilities are endless. A million thank you’s. You are truly appreciated and one of my personal heroes. I mean that”.
Steph Vitrit, Florida, America (Skype calls)
“Thank you Kirsten for your insightfulness and amazing creative tools and tips, that have guided me to move forward in my creations, my home life, my relationships and looking at life in a totally different way.  I urge anyone who would like to experience the best and reap the benefits of her wisdom, to indulge in this life changing experience.  Loads of gratitude Angela xx”
-Angela Henwood, Brisbane
“I am so grateful to Kirsten and her work with Body Consciousness.  Through our sessions together I have experienced both subtle and profound changes unfold in my life and continue to do so on every level.  I would recommend the amazing Kirsten to anyone wanting to find balance and experience a deeper connection with themselves and family or for any specific issues that are creating upheaval or disharmony in their life”.
-Larissa Harris, Brisbane
Kirsten is an amazing BC facilitator! She really encourages me to step out of my comfort zone to create what I want in my life, and I can see so many positive changes happening. She's also facilitated family sessions with me and my daughters, and the awareness that came out of that has really helped create more harmony in our home. I feel so much more freedom in my life to do what I love and be more and more myself .
Nell Fulloon, Brisbane
I've had several sessions with Kirsten and find her very encouraging and supportive. She really is genuinely interested in getting to the root of stress so patterns won't be repeated. Body Consciousness sessions help me become aware of where I need support and to ask for it - this is particularly helpful in my relationships! I had a joint session with my husband which was really insightful to see where we could support each other in our goals. I highly recommend a session with her.
Julie Segal, Melbourne
"Loving your work Kirsten, week 3 & I’m already feeling so different... stronger, motivating, exciting & light and easy, I look forward to your calls each week!” x
Denise, Brisbane, Australia  (phone calls)
“Kirsten...you are amazing! Completely agree with Denise's feedback. The Body Consciousness program is the most integrative approach I have found!!! So look forward to doing more work with you”.
Nicole, Charlottesville, America (Skype calls)
"I know that without being part of your Chronic Fatigue case study that I wouldn't be where I am today. You've played such a big part in my recovery, and once it began, it was always inevitable that I would recover. Thank you so much for including me in the study, it has truly changed my life, and I would go as far to say, saved my life". 
Annie Lloyd, England (Skype calls)