Joy is in receiving that what you may have felt was your greatest weakness is in fact your greatest strength!! For many, many years now, I have made an energy in me really wrong. I would describe this energy as ‘pushy, assertive, ambitious’ and in the past I have always run it out through lots of exercise. I have suppressed it for a long time, so desiring to be something different… gentle, warm, delicate!! I took up yoga again really hoping that I could quieten this assertive energy in me!! However, what has started to become glaringly obvious is that because, I’ve judged it, I can feel really challenged when I experience it in my son! Many times I have thought, “Wow, this energy in my son is really hard work!!” because I’ve found it hard to work with, in myself!! However, now I’m receiving it and loving it and running this pushy energy out through Crossfit and healing, I now say and think to our son, Ethan, “This energy, if you choose, can and will be your greatest strength on your path”. Embrace it! Love it! Receive it! What energy within yourself do you need to embrace?? Sending you heaps of love and joy xx