I will never forget my most favourite birthday surprise as a child! As I arrived home from school, I heard my parents yell out, “Kirsten, go into the laundry”. I was rather confused by this request, but wandered into the laundry and heard a very strange noise. Sitting in a basket was the most divine, golden puppy I had ever seen! I screamed, cried and was overwhelmed by this most precious gift! I have always loved surprises and now they are wrapped very differently, but always feel so valuable!

The surprises that I love are the ones that open up and unfold from our emotions! I recently had a client who wanted help with her profanities. She said ‘They’re rolling off my tongue everywhere! Please help – what is going on?’

We traced her lineage back to her grandfather, who would rage, curse and swear whenever he drove. We explored it energetically – her grandfather’s partnership challenged societal conditioning in that his wife was the breadwinner back in that time. My client’s evolution was in opening up to her earning potential as a woman and embracing her own male energy in her business. In one session, numerous passive income opportunities opened up.

The trapped energy in her body, which manifested as profanities or rage (her grandfather’s conditioning), was her body wanting to open up to her power, potential, ability to create more money for herself. The energy of rage was able to be transformed into earning potential and to own her ability to be the ‘breadwinner’ in partnership, just like her grandmother!

Wonderful surprises also always unfold in our home! My husband used to feel restless in the home and his go to would be leaving home to free himself from this uncomfortable emotion. Once he realised, his ‘restless’ emotion was inviting him to open up his creativity and delve into his gift of song writing, he was able to surrender in the home. More importantly, he was able to surrender to his heart!

I understand my own creative frustration and how in the past, I used to run it out through exercise. Now when the frustration finds me, I say, ‘Hello creativity, what surprises would you love to channel through my writing or healing today?’ The result of us, independently opening up to our creativity in family, creates a lot of inner peace and contentment and benefits everyone in our home environment. It also encourages our son to tap into his own creative energy, with a knowing that it is his creative gift that fuels inner contentment, rather than someone or something outside of him!

The powerful, Emotionally Happy Home® healing systems allow us to tap into your unconscious and subconscious and untangle the deepest patterns and programs, that are creating emotional stress in yourself and home.

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