Joy is in being flexible and trusting!! I have tremendous gratitude for my mentor, Jules O'Neill (Body Consciousness) who has helped me on many an occasion to be flexible and really let go!! Life has recently gifted us with another opportunity to really explore this valuable lesson! My husband and I so enjoy learning about different cultures so when the opportunity arose to house two exchange students we jumped at it! For a month now, we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about their country, the financial support and the ease with it all. So we were quite surprised to find out from the co-ordinator that they have asked to leave our home, due to the spiders/insects etc (we live next door to a nature reserve!). In the past if we’d received news like this, we would’ve gone into over pleasing and thought tirelessly how we could get them to stay!! We would’ve run stories about money, that we’re not enough and perceived this as really bad news!! However, there may be greater learnings for them elsewhere and if they do move on from our home, life/the universe has another magical gift for us!! We don’t need to hold on tightly to anyone or anything; we are supported and so are they. We let go with loads of love!! Xx


Our bodies are so magical!! Each and every day our body is guiding us, loving us, willing us to align with who we essentially are. If you are willing to listen to it, it will show you each and every day how you can experience more joy. I used to think for many years my body was punishing me when I had CF. Why wouldn't it do what I wanted it to do? Why couldn't it fit into the box I wanted it to fit into? A body that is aligned and on its path is energised, feels light, is motivated, is excited to get out of bed in the morning and is passionate about their creations. Health symptoms, pain in your body, intense emotions are all indicators that somewhere you are out of alignment. Always, always, always trust and listen to your precious body!! Sending you so much love and joy xx