I have always experienced a lot of joy in personal growth! As Tony Robbins says, "Success equals progress" so I love to feel like I'm moving forward with my creations! I recently had a close friend share that she had been hearing me repeat the same story for some time. On reflection, she was right - it was a story that didn't nourish, nurture or grow me. It really is a gift when our friends/family are honest with us, even if it can feel uncomfortable. Her honesty gave me an opportunity to focus on what stories I did want to water and grow. Is there a story that you or your loved ones have been repeating for some time? Is it time to let go of it with love and create a new one that really gives back to you? We have so much potential to generate empowering stories; may they be powerful ones that grow and nourish ourselves and all of the souls we come in contact with! Sending you lots of love and joy xx