Joy is in freedom!! I believe every soul desires freedom! I believe every soul CAN create freedom! I have tried to fit myself into boxes so many times. I've played small so I could fit into so many different roles!! I've tried to fit into what I thought a mother should do/be, I've tried to fit into the role of a diligent daughter and I've tried to be a domestic goddess (this one I've struggled the most with)!! However, if I'm really owning who I am and stepping out of the box, I love freedom!! My greatest excitement is to feel really free so that I can create!! I honestly don't love cooking, house chores or spending every day at home!! This passionate, free thinking woman LOVES her independence!! So who authentically are you?? What boxes do you need to step out of?? What roles do you need to let go of?? What a blessing to live in 2016 and to have a choice!! Sending you so much love and joy xx