It was late on a Friday night and the frustration was back again! My husband and I had been in this cycle for quite some time where life was blissfully happy, but then we would reach a roadblock! It was like a memory from my childhood, where I used to love riding my pink bike down the really steep hill, the wind in my hair, the sun on my skin, the exhilaration of freedom, no brakes and then suddenly I would reach the bottom of the hill and everything plateaued! I was too aware, not to know that something needed to change and that not listening to our emotions, would be like not watering our much- loved herbs for a month! My husband and I leaned into our emotions and the awareness that opened up as a result was to live separately for a month! I would love to think that we were very cool, calm and collected, however there was resistance and not just a little bit! Who was I going to call out for if there was a particularly, messy, smelly nappy to clean from our son?!

My husband decided to book a secluded camping spot for the month and our hearts opened up to the possibility of what would unfold! He made a choice to remove all distractions (Facebook etc) and eat a plant based diet for the month. What unfolded was beyond what we could have imagined! The gift of space, really enabled us both to connect even more deeply with our higher selves! I received a huge surprise the second week in when a text from my husband said, ‘Letter of Resignation sent’ to school! He had made the choice to resign and heed Helen Keller’s wise words, “Life’s either a daring adventure or nothing”!

My month gave me a lot of growth in that I opened up my creativity more than ever before and of course grew an even greater respect for the amazing, single parents out there! The greatest gift of all though was space – that is what enabled us to independently delve deeply into ourselves and open up to an even far greater possibility – that we could love each other and ourselves even more deeply. There is no safety in loving wholeheartedly and deeply – anything can happen, but it is so fulfilling! The Emotionally Happy Home® system is one that enables everyone to become aware of what their emotions are saying and follow a path of growth!

If you would love to create an Emotionally Happy Home with your family, please contact: 0466649748 to experience your very own ‘Emotional Stress Buster’ session!


Joy is in freedom!! I believe every soul desires freedom! I believe every soul CAN create freedom! I have tried to fit myself into boxes so many times. I've played small so I could fit into so many different roles!! I've tried to fit into what I thought a mother should do/be, I've tried to fit into the role of a diligent daughter and I've tried to be a domestic goddess (this one I've struggled the most with)!! However, if I'm really owning who I am and stepping out of the box, I love freedom!! My greatest excitement is to feel really free so that I can create!! I honestly don't love cooking, house chores or spending every day at home!! This passionate, free thinking woman LOVES her independence!! So who authentically are you?? What boxes do you need to step out of?? What roles do you need to let go of?? What a blessing to live in 2016 and to have a choice!! Sending you so much love and joy xx


Joy is in unashamedly being ALL of YOU! Imagine a planet where we gave ourselves and everyone else the freedom to look, express, share, live the way they choose, free from judgement!! Where we see someone on the street who looks different to us and we celebrate their self expression, we celebrate their differences and more importantly we celebrate our own differences. With all that I know now, I would've said to my 22 year old self, "Precious soul, let go of trying to fit in; let go of desiring and striving for people's approval. Your difference is what sets you apart. It's really okay to be YOU". Sending you all so much love and joy xx