If you are willing to authentically open up, share and ask for what you need in family, it can be a space for you to feel free to be all of YOU!! I have found being in family at times really challenging and even thought, life would be so much easier on my own!! However, I feel at times, this thought has come from not always speaking up with what I need to give myself in family. Sometimes, I have had to experience some challenging spaces to be reminded that I'm not honouring who I am. Now I do whatever it takes to create freedom for myself in family, because it is what makes me feel happy!! For example, ask for help, ask family to babysit, pay babysitters, daycare, designated time each week for me to exercise and have time on my own etc. If you're not feeling happy in family, perhaps ask yourself what is it that I need to feel happy?? Secondly, be courageous and share this with your family. I'm sure that you can all come up with some great ideas on how you can give yourself what it is you need. You may just need to really think outside the box!! Sending you lots of love and joy xx