If you’ve ever lived in a cold country, you’ll know that it takes a lot of resilience to get that body of yours out the door in rain, hail or snow, because let’s be honest adding an additional ten layers of clothing can be quite a workout!

However, it takes a certain level of strength and choice, to get moving and venture out into the refreshing and invigorating -10 degrees temperatures. The alternative is to turn into a gorgeous, cuddly, warm hibernating bear and while it may be appealing to ‘sleep’ through the winter, there is fun to be had on this fabulous planet!

Do you also have days where the external environment may influence your internal? Like it keeps you indoors? Do your thoughts about work, money, relationship, family stress influence how you feel throughout the day? Because let’s face it, we all experience emotional stress at some point! However, those strong, intense winds need not blow us over or break our branches!

So, let’s begin! Let’s get those ten layers of clothing on right now and don’t forget your beanie! We’re going to venture out and that financial, relationship and work drama stress is not going to influence or take over your day! Now it’s going to be really tempting to stay indoors – the worry, stress or drama may feel safe or perhaps you’ve lived in it for so long that it feels normal, but there is something within you that only you control and have a choice with. I know too that the more you do it, it can and will easily and effortlessly transform your vibration!

It is the three- letter word, FUN…! Now I’m not talking about sitting down and watching a comedy movie, I’m talking about tapping into your eccentric, crazy, spontaneous side and unleashing him or her in the home! It only takes 1 minute a day… to step out of the external stress and into the world of your imagination!

Maybe your partner arrives home from work and it’s as if you’re at an airport or restaurant (yes, you managed to score the role in ‘Love Actually’) and haven’t seen him or her for eons – you greet him/her by running, leaping (disclosure: I take no responsibility for any injuries that may be incurred) and smothering him or her in kisses!

If you’re a mum, then you’ve so got this! If you’re like me you’ve mimicked every animal there is to get your divine child to jump in the shower, brush their teeth or jump into bed! I personally like the crocodile, but the monster seems to be coming out a lot more lately! Nothing like a big loud, “RAAAA” at the end of the day! Just in case your crazy child self has been in hiding, here are a few ‘1 minute of fun’ suggestions to do on your own, with your partner or kids in the home:

·       Opera singer – 1 min to really see how powerful your lungs are!

·       Egg and spoon race – a goodie and quickie with your munchkins

·       Dance on the table to your fav song – rock it guy/gal! You may not be 21 anymore, but you still got it!

·       Dance in the rain! Our son loves this one!

·       Pretend it’s your loved one’s birthday all the time! Give small little presents (thank you to our 3 year- old son for the inspiration with this one – he tells me it’s my birthday most days. I have wrapped up presents with sticks, pencils, scissors and he is so excited giving them to me – nothing like having a birthday and not getting a year older!)

·       Break out in song, whenever the feeling finds you!


It only takes a minute of your day to remember that you are not your emotional stress, you are the most magnificent, creative, intuitive, gifted being! The world is certainly your stage! No matter what is happening externally in your life, 1 minute of fun can shift your vibration and more importantly create an Emotionally Happy Home® for all that share it!

So, you can now take off all those layers of warmth – thank you for braving the cold… fun is only one choice away! No one can take that away from you!! You may not be able to change the stormy weather conditions right now, but you can create an internal environment in yourself and your home that is light, fun and maybe a little crazy at times!

If you would love to create an Emotionally Happy Home® with your family, please contact: 0466649748 to experience your very own ‘Home Stress Buster’ session!

Kirsten Reck (Emotional Stress Expert)




I remember vividly the honest words my husband uttered to me one afternoon after he arrived home with our son.

He shared, “Hon, help me understand your actions when I arrive home with Ethan (our 3-year-old son). You run to him, arms wide open, pick him up, swing him around, kiss his cheeks all over and tell him how much you love him and I receive a quick hello and a peck on the cheek if I’m lucky!”

I went quiet and searched for the answer, but I couldn’t find one! I went to reach for the ‘We’ve been married for 15 years’ answer but that didn’t really suffice! Instead, I said, “Love, from now on I’m going to make a different choice” and so I did! Well maybe not the pick him up and swing him around, but a good smooching, hug and affirming my love for him!

As a parent, I know too well how much we want to give to our partners, children, health, food, career, play, friends, exercise, home, finances and the list goes on! However, there are days where it may feel like it rains too heavily and our roots are soaked or one of our branches breaks from the power of the wind! I’ve found one of the most powerful ways to face the strong winds or the heavy rains is to share and open up! If there is an imbalance, leaning into the winds or the rain, creates the space for it to dissipate, create balance and peace.

I had a client come to see me, with the purpose of creating emotional happiness in herself, with her partner and in her family. Her relationship was rocky with her husband and the emotional stress was in her pituitary gland! We went back to an original time of 30 years and that was when she had a miscarriage and she needed her husband and time off work to process it.

However, she didn’t feel she could open up and ask for the support and for him to be there! She felt on her own back then and now in her relationship! This was what had been dominating their relationship for the last 7 years. Based on the consciousness of her body, we explored how she could now let go of the past and open up with her partner with what she was needing to thrive now!

If there is a space that you feel is dominating or taking over your life like career stress, parental struggles, relationship issues, money stress or health problems, I would so recommend opening up and sharing with your loved ones or the person/people involved. This enables that beautiful body of yours to release any stress in your thyroid gland (throat) and opens up your wisdom to explore solutions, tap into your own feelings and release any stored emotions that the body has been holding onto! It can all be gently, kindly and lovingly released!

And the greatest gift of all, is that opening up with those nearest and dearest enables you to grow strong roots, so that you can grow a resilient trunk and fruit in family and all the spaces that you love!

Sending you all lots of love!

If you would love to create an Emotionally Happy Home® with your family, please contact: 0466649748 to experience your very own ‘Home Stress Buster’ session!

Kirsten Reck (Emotional Stress Expert)



I will never forget my most favourite birthday surprise as a child! As I arrived home from school, I heard my parents yell out, “Kirsten, go into the laundry”. I was rather confused by this request, but wandered into the laundry and heard a very strange noise. Sitting in a basket was the most divine, golden puppy I had ever seen! I screamed, cried and was overwhelmed by this most precious gift! I have always loved surprises and now they are wrapped very differently, but always feel so valuable!

The surprises that I love are the ones that open up and unfold from our emotions! I recently had a client who wanted help with her profanities. She said ‘They’re rolling off my tongue everywhere! Please help – what is going on?’

We traced her lineage back to her grandfather, who would rage, curse and swear whenever he drove. We explored it energetically – her grandfather’s partnership challenged societal conditioning in that his wife was the breadwinner back in that time. My client’s evolution was in opening up to her earning potential as a woman and embracing her own male energy in her business. In one session, numerous passive income opportunities opened up.

The trapped energy in her body, which manifested as profanities or rage (her grandfather’s conditioning), was her body wanting to open up to her power, potential, ability to create more money for herself. The energy of rage was able to be transformed into earning potential and to own her ability to be the ‘breadwinner’ in partnership, just like her grandmother!

Wonderful surprises also always unfold in our home! My husband used to feel restless in the home and his go to would be leaving home to free himself from this uncomfortable emotion. Once he realised, his ‘restless’ emotion was inviting him to open up his creativity and delve into his gift of song writing, he was able to surrender in the home. More importantly, he was able to surrender to his heart!

I understand my own creative frustration and how in the past, I used to run it out through exercise. Now when the frustration finds me, I say, ‘Hello creativity, what surprises would you love to channel through my writing or healing today?’ The result of us, independently opening up to our creativity in family, creates a lot of inner peace and contentment and benefits everyone in our home environment. It also encourages our son to tap into his own creative energy, with a knowing that it is his creative gift that fuels inner contentment, rather than someone or something outside of him!

The powerful, Emotionally Happy Home® healing systems allow us to tap into your unconscious and subconscious and untangle the deepest patterns and programs, that are creating emotional stress in yourself and home.

If you would love to create an Emotionally Happy Home with your family, please contact: 0466649748 to experience your very own ‘Emotional Stress Buster’ session!


Joy is in communicating from an empowered space when sharing about finances. There is no doubt that finances can create a lot of stress and drama in homes!! When we are unconscious our reaction is to blame each other - that we individually spent too much money! Life can throw you financial curve balls, however something that Lyell and I do is focus on creating and this take a LOT of mental strength!! It's far easier to blame and fall into the stress! I remember last year when we were trying to sell our house and at times I felt shaky but my husband kept saying, "Hunni, it's sold! We've so got this". Recently when something big broke down in our house, I repeatedly said to my husband and the house, "We're powerful creators - how can we easily create this to be fixed/replaced?" We are so much stronger as a creative team, rather than unconsciously making each other wrong. Sending you so much love and joy xx


I was recently watching a Brene Brown clip where she spoke about how compassionate people are those who set clear boundaries (can say NO). I so resonated with this because I have always been a ‘yes’ person and would end up doing things I didn’t really want to do. I had a story that it would be selfish or unkind to say no and that if I was going to be seen as a generous person then I would, of course always give. I would then feel frustrated and resentful that I was spending my time giving to someone else, when I really wanted to give to myself. I really believe that the more we can operate from a space, where we can clearly say ‘No’ then we will find that when we do say ‘Yes’ it is from a place of love rather than obligation or a thought that the other person/people need us. To say ‘No’ also requires you to hold that belief that if you are unable to give/help them, they are supported and there would be many others who could be of service. One of the greatest gifts we can give family members is the belief that they can trust themselves to create the support they need and that there is a whole universe out there who can help/love/support/give to them. Sending you so much love and joy xx