If you’ve ever lived in a cold country, you’ll know that it takes a lot of resilience to get that body of yours out the door in rain, hail or snow, because let’s be honest adding an additional ten layers of clothing can be quite a workout!

However, it takes a certain level of strength and choice, to get moving and venture out into the refreshing and invigorating -10 degrees temperatures. The alternative is to turn into a gorgeous, cuddly, warm hibernating bear and while it may be appealing to ‘sleep’ through the winter, there is fun to be had on this fabulous planet!

Do you also have days where the external environment may influence your internal? Like it keeps you indoors? Do your thoughts about work, money, relationship, family stress influence how you feel throughout the day? Because let’s face it, we all experience emotional stress at some point! However, those strong, intense winds need not blow us over or break our branches!

So, let’s begin! Let’s get those ten layers of clothing on right now and don’t forget your beanie! We’re going to venture out and that financial, relationship and work drama stress is not going to influence or take over your day! Now it’s going to be really tempting to stay indoors – the worry, stress or drama may feel safe or perhaps you’ve lived in it for so long that it feels normal, but there is something within you that only you control and have a choice with. I know too that the more you do it, it can and will easily and effortlessly transform your vibration!

It is the three- letter word, FUN…! Now I’m not talking about sitting down and watching a comedy movie, I’m talking about tapping into your eccentric, crazy, spontaneous side and unleashing him or her in the home! It only takes 1 minute a day… to step out of the external stress and into the world of your imagination!

Maybe your partner arrives home from work and it’s as if you’re at an airport or restaurant (yes, you managed to score the role in ‘Love Actually’) and haven’t seen him or her for eons – you greet him/her by running, leaping (disclosure: I take no responsibility for any injuries that may be incurred) and smothering him or her in kisses!

If you’re a mum, then you’ve so got this! If you’re like me you’ve mimicked every animal there is to get your divine child to jump in the shower, brush their teeth or jump into bed! I personally like the crocodile, but the monster seems to be coming out a lot more lately! Nothing like a big loud, “RAAAA” at the end of the day! Just in case your crazy child self has been in hiding, here are a few ‘1 minute of fun’ suggestions to do on your own, with your partner or kids in the home:

·       Opera singer – 1 min to really see how powerful your lungs are!

·       Egg and spoon race – a goodie and quickie with your munchkins

·       Dance on the table to your fav song – rock it guy/gal! You may not be 21 anymore, but you still got it!

·       Dance in the rain! Our son loves this one!

·       Pretend it’s your loved one’s birthday all the time! Give small little presents (thank you to our 3 year- old son for the inspiration with this one – he tells me it’s my birthday most days. I have wrapped up presents with sticks, pencils, scissors and he is so excited giving them to me – nothing like having a birthday and not getting a year older!)

·       Break out in song, whenever the feeling finds you!


It only takes a minute of your day to remember that you are not your emotional stress, you are the most magnificent, creative, intuitive, gifted being! The world is certainly your stage! No matter what is happening externally in your life, 1 minute of fun can shift your vibration and more importantly create an Emotionally Happy Home® for all that share it!

So, you can now take off all those layers of warmth – thank you for braving the cold… fun is only one choice away! No one can take that away from you!! You may not be able to change the stormy weather conditions right now, but you can create an internal environment in yourself and your home that is light, fun and maybe a little crazy at times!

If you would love to create an Emotionally Happy Home® with your family, please contact: 0466649748 to experience your very own ‘Home Stress Buster’ session!

Kirsten Reck (Emotional Stress Expert)




Joy is in showing your children what it looks like to trust yourself!! I believe this is a lifelong lesson!! Trusting yourself is an absolute knowing in your body with the choices you make, the environments you thrive in and the people you love to connect with. My mother's instinct naturally wants to protect our son from pain/hurt so there are definitely times when I find myself saying, "Be careful", "Watch out", "Stay away from...". Of course there are times when your child's safety is a number one priority! However, I believe that to raise independent and happy children the gift of being able to trust yourself is such a valuable life lesson to be taught in all families. We naturally want to share our point of view, advise our children and save them from experiencing hurt, however, I believe the most important words we can say are, "Really trust YOU here". Sending you lots of love and joy xx


Joy is in sharing your ‘why’ with your children! As a teacher, the most popular question I was always asked was, “Why did you become a teacher miss?” Every school I taught in, the question was always the same; there was a deep curiosity about my choice and motivation!! I feel it is such a valuable exercise to share your why with everyone in your home – Why do you go to your job day in, day out? Or why do you choose to be a stay at home mother? Why do you work part time? Is it that you want to contribute an important message to the planet? Are you saving for a holiday, massage, time out for yourself? Are you desiring to create change in your field of work? If you’re not loving how you spend your days, also share that with your family and be so willing to receive ideas on how you could create your days to be vastly different. Family has shown me over and over again, how magical it is to receive from them – they so often have 'gold nuggets' that you may not have thought of before!! Sending you so much love and joy xx


Fiji = JOY ❤❤ Every time I have visited Fiji I have experienced a profound shift in my thinking!! This last trip wasn't any different!! It is a country that really lives by the idea that "it takes a village to raise a child" and children are so celebrated!! Our 16 month old son was showered in love by every Fijian that we came across: his cheeks were squeezed and kissed, he was constantly cuddled, so much joy was derived from the Fijians who could win a smile from him, men from building sites were yelling out 'Bula' and all Fijians we passed on the streets shared their beautiful smiles with him. What would it take for us all to bestow such an abundance of love on ALL of our children: our future?? Now when I walk in the mornings, my intention is to offer a smile, a kind word, encouragement or to send all children/babies the thought that they are loved by one and all. May our children know and feel the depth of our love, may they receive and acknowledge all of their innate gifts, may they always know their value, may they always feel a deep sense of inner peace, happiness and joy in WHO they are. May they realise that they are never alone ❤❤❤ Sending you all so much love and joy xx


Dreams are so, so, so important!! However, I know at times, I have used our son as an excuse not to follow my dreams. I've run a story that, 'he needs me' and all my energy must go toward giving to him. I know in my being that the greatest gift I can give him is to share my dreams and my creativity. To model what it looks like to create for myself and to feel passionate about my dreams!! To show him that he doesn't need me to create his dreams for him, that he is a powerful creator and has the support of the universe, not just his family. I know that life will support us if we are willing to let go of our expectations on how it 'should' support us. My greatest growth and learnings have been experienced through my past health challenges and they have, if anything created a greater determination to create my heart's deepest desires. I feel that joy is in the dreaming and freeing ourselves and our children from the expectation that they are responsible for our creations and we are responsible for theirs. Sending you heaps of joy and love xx