Joy is in sharing your ‘why’ with your children! As a teacher, the most popular question I was always asked was, “Why did you become a teacher miss?” Every school I taught in, the question was always the same; there was a deep curiosity about my choice and motivation!! I feel it is such a valuable exercise to share your why with everyone in your home – Why do you go to your job day in, day out? Or why do you choose to be a stay at home mother? Why do you work part time? Is it that you want to contribute an important message to the planet? Are you saving for a holiday, massage, time out for yourself? Are you desiring to create change in your field of work? If you’re not loving how you spend your days, also share that with your family and be so willing to receive ideas on how you could create your days to be vastly different. Family has shown me over and over again, how magical it is to receive from them – they so often have 'gold nuggets' that you may not have thought of before!! Sending you so much love and joy xx