Joy is in really valuing yourself as a woman! The resilience, strength and ability to unconditionally give as a mother is awe inspiring!! Recently, I went to the shops, desiring to buy something for our room that I'd had my eye on for a while. I was really conscious of a particular thought about whether I could really give myself this item. Before Ethan, I would've purchased it in a heartbeat!! In that moment, I felt my heart expand and I reflected on the times I had unconditionally given to our beautiful son: kisses on his forehead to soothe his tears; endless cuddles; trips to the park for the sheer joy of it; murmurings of 'I love you' and the numerous smelly nappies changed. I thought, YES I can absolutely give this to myself. Can you give as freely to yourself as you do to your husband and children? Sending you so much love and joy xx



Joy is in communicating from an empowered space when sharing about finances. There is no doubt that finances can create a lot of stress and drama in homes!! When we are unconscious our reaction is to blame each other - that we individually spent too much money! Life can throw you financial curve balls, however something that Lyell and I do is focus on creating and this take a LOT of mental strength!! It's far easier to blame and fall into the stress! I remember last year when we were trying to sell our house and at times I felt shaky but my husband kept saying, "Hunni, it's sold! We've so got this". Recently when something big broke down in our house, I repeatedly said to my husband and the house, "We're powerful creators - how can we easily create this to be fixed/replaced?" We are so much stronger as a creative team, rather than unconsciously making each other wrong. Sending you so much love and joy xx


Joy is in sharing your ‘why’ with your children! As a teacher, the most popular question I was always asked was, “Why did you become a teacher miss?” Every school I taught in, the question was always the same; there was a deep curiosity about my choice and motivation!! I feel it is such a valuable exercise to share your why with everyone in your home – Why do you go to your job day in, day out? Or why do you choose to be a stay at home mother? Why do you work part time? Is it that you want to contribute an important message to the planet? Are you saving for a holiday, massage, time out for yourself? Are you desiring to create change in your field of work? If you’re not loving how you spend your days, also share that with your family and be so willing to receive ideas on how you could create your days to be vastly different. Family has shown me over and over again, how magical it is to receive from them – they so often have 'gold nuggets' that you may not have thought of before!! Sending you so much love and joy xx


I was recently watching a Brene Brown clip where she spoke about how compassionate people are those who set clear boundaries (can say NO). I so resonated with this because I have always been a ‘yes’ person and would end up doing things I didn’t really want to do. I had a story that it would be selfish or unkind to say no and that if I was going to be seen as a generous person then I would, of course always give. I would then feel frustrated and resentful that I was spending my time giving to someone else, when I really wanted to give to myself. I really believe that the more we can operate from a space, where we can clearly say ‘No’ then we will find that when we do say ‘Yes’ it is from a place of love rather than obligation or a thought that the other person/people need us. To say ‘No’ also requires you to hold that belief that if you are unable to give/help them, they are supported and there would be many others who could be of service. One of the greatest gifts we can give family members is the belief that they can trust themselves to create the support they need and that there is a whole universe out there who can help/love/support/give to them. Sending you so much love and joy xx


Fiji = JOY ❤❤ Every time I have visited Fiji I have experienced a profound shift in my thinking!! This last trip wasn't any different!! It is a country that really lives by the idea that "it takes a village to raise a child" and children are so celebrated!! Our 16 month old son was showered in love by every Fijian that we came across: his cheeks were squeezed and kissed, he was constantly cuddled, so much joy was derived from the Fijians who could win a smile from him, men from building sites were yelling out 'Bula' and all Fijians we passed on the streets shared their beautiful smiles with him. What would it take for us all to bestow such an abundance of love on ALL of our children: our future?? Now when I walk in the mornings, my intention is to offer a smile, a kind word, encouragement or to send all children/babies the thought that they are loved by one and all. May our children know and feel the depth of our love, may they receive and acknowledge all of their innate gifts, may they always know their value, may they always feel a deep sense of inner peace, happiness and joy in WHO they are. May they realise that they are never alone ❤❤❤ Sending you all so much love and joy xx