Joy is in really valuing yourself as a woman! The resilience, strength and ability to unconditionally give as a mother is awe inspiring!! Recently, I went to the shops, desiring to buy something for our room that I'd had my eye on for a while. I was really conscious of a particular thought about whether I could really give myself this item. Before Ethan, I would've purchased it in a heartbeat!! In that moment, I felt my heart expand and I reflected on the times I had unconditionally given to our beautiful son: kisses on his forehead to soothe his tears; endless cuddles; trips to the park for the sheer joy of it; murmurings of 'I love you' and the numerous smelly nappies changed. I thought, YES I can absolutely give this to myself. Can you give as freely to yourself as you do to your husband and children? Sending you so much love and joy xx