You know those times in your life when you reflect back and think, wow I was so brave; I didn’t put any brakes on what my heart wanted to experience! What experiences were those for you? Seventeen years of age was that for me!

It was the year I made the choice to be an exchange student in Sweden for a year. Sweden for me represented adventure, possibilities, new friendships, exploration and yes, Swedish boys! When I arrived after a long, long flight and stepped outside into –10 degrees temperatures, with an extra 3 layers of clothing, I remember feeling excited about this BIG life change!

So, what happens to that fearlessness with change in our 30’s, 40’s or 50’s? How can we believe that ‘change’ equates to possibility and opportunity? Why aren’t we always actioning a new adventure, just like we may have in our younger years?

The answer: societal conditioning and old, limiting beliefs! Our hearts are whispering or perhaps screaming out for us to follow the path of love and our beliefs, create some pretty imaginative stories like:

“No one else is doing it”, “Life is comfortable so why disrupt it”, “I need security so ‘that’ dream will have to remain hidden in my heart” or “It’s not possible to follow that path with a growing family”.

A client of mine has been facing her own big life change possibility! She yearns for a new career, lifestyle and connection with her boyfriend. Her partner has asked her to come and live with him in the city, however her experience with partnership is what she’s witnessed in her home growing up with her own parents. They separated when she was a toddler and unconsciously she has been creating a space of separation in her own relationship! Her perception from what she has seen is that relationship’s end and separation is the result.

However, we’ve been co-creating new, empowering, uplifting beliefs that partnerships can be long term, create togetherness and yummy, warm, nurturing intimacy. This not only supports her in partnership, but is the ‘wind under her wings’ to believe that it is more than okay to receive support from him as she transitions into a new city and career. She doesn’t have to do it on her own and she can feel wholeheartedly supported by her partner with big life changes!

So often, our bodies can create separation or pull away from love, our heart or even our dreams, but what if we all ‘leaned in’, despite the fear?! What opportunities, magic and possibilities could open up from that space?

Sending you all lots of love as you transition through your own life changes!

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Joy is in asking your family to be your biggest cheer squad in life! Conscious communication has been invaluable in our marriage and we've been practising it for many years!! There are many spaces where I've shared my vulnerabilities and now my husband naturally senses those spaces. It is so reassuring to have the belief of your family in moments of self doubt.  I've also asked for the supportive, positive affirmations I desired to hear in those vulnerable spaces. It has then been easy for Lyell to know how to support me and vice versa. For example, we support each other by using some of these phrases: "You've so got this" (BC tool), "I've got your back", "Trust yourself", "Are you choosing love or fear in this moment?" (inspired by Wayne Dyer). Sending you so much love and joy xx


I was recently watching a Brene Brown clip where she spoke about how compassionate people are those who set clear boundaries (can say NO). I so resonated with this because I have always been a ‘yes’ person and would end up doing things I didn’t really want to do. I had a story that it would be selfish or unkind to say no and that if I was going to be seen as a generous person then I would, of course always give. I would then feel frustrated and resentful that I was spending my time giving to someone else, when I really wanted to give to myself. I really believe that the more we can operate from a space, where we can clearly say ‘No’ then we will find that when we do say ‘Yes’ it is from a place of love rather than obligation or a thought that the other person/people need us. To say ‘No’ also requires you to hold that belief that if you are unable to give/help them, they are supported and there would be many others who could be of service. One of the greatest gifts we can give family members is the belief that they can trust themselves to create the support they need and that there is a whole universe out there who can help/love/support/give to them. Sending you so much love and joy xx