Joy is in communicating from an empowered space when sharing about finances. There is no doubt that finances can create a lot of stress and drama in homes!! When we are unconscious our reaction is to blame each other - that we individually spent too much money! Life can throw you financial curve balls, however something that Lyell and I do is focus on creating and this take a LOT of mental strength!! It's far easier to blame and fall into the stress! I remember last year when we were trying to sell our house and at times I felt shaky but my husband kept saying, "Hunni, it's sold! We've so got this". Recently when something big broke down in our house, I repeatedly said to my husband and the house, "We're powerful creators - how can we easily create this to be fixed/replaced?" We are so much stronger as a creative team, rather than unconsciously making each other wrong. Sending you so much love and joy xx


Joy is in asking your family to be your biggest cheer squad in life! Conscious communication has been invaluable in our marriage and we've been practising it for many years!! There are many spaces where I've shared my vulnerabilities and now my husband naturally senses those spaces. It is so reassuring to have the belief of your family in moments of self doubt.  I've also asked for the supportive, positive affirmations I desired to hear in those vulnerable spaces. It has then been easy for Lyell to know how to support me and vice versa. For example, we support each other by using some of these phrases: "You've so got this" (BC tool), "I've got your back", "Trust yourself", "Are you choosing love or fear in this moment?" (inspired by Wayne Dyer). Sending you so much love and joy xx