Joy is in communicating from an empowered space when sharing about finances. There is no doubt that finances can create a lot of stress and drama in homes!! When we are unconscious our reaction is to blame each other - that we individually spent too much money! Life can throw you financial curve balls, however something that Lyell and I do is focus on creating and this take a LOT of mental strength!! It's far easier to blame and fall into the stress! I remember last year when we were trying to sell our house and at times I felt shaky but my husband kept saying, "Hunni, it's sold! We've so got this". Recently when something big broke down in our house, I repeatedly said to my husband and the house, "We're powerful creators - how can we easily create this to be fixed/replaced?" We are so much stronger as a creative team, rather than unconsciously making each other wrong. Sending you so much love and joy xx


My first post for 2016 and here it is!!! My word for 2016 is JOY!! It is plastered in capital letters in my dream book for the year!! I am excited to experience more of this feeling than ever before!! So I was eager to see the film, ‘Joy’ at the cinema, hoping to discover enlightened ideas on my 2016 exploration of this theme. While I was inspired by the female character’s resilience to follow through with her dream, I felt quite perplexed with two of the messages that appear to be in many a modern day film. Firstly, the idea that creating is a real struggle and results in a great deal of financial burden when following one’s dreams. Secondly, the idea that there is very little joy to be experienced in family and overwhelming regret about what could’ve been. We all at some point experience these different feelings (I definitely have with with past health issues), however, I wholeheartedly believe that each and every one of us can create joy today in our everyday lives. Not just when we are on holidays, or on long service leave, or when there is a special celebration, or on the weekends. In this very moment, we can consciously create the feeling of joy! One way that my husband and I feel joy and connection is in dedicating a few hours a week to actively sharing what we want to individually create. We love discussing how we can individually support each other to follow our highest joys and creations, but more importantly, I feel the joy is in giving to each other’s independent visions, whether that be through encouragement, belief or ideas. May we all support each other to follow our greatest joys and value our own individual creations!! Sending you all much love and joy in 2016 xx