Fiji = JOY ❤❤ Every time I have visited Fiji I have experienced a profound shift in my thinking!! This last trip wasn't any different!! It is a country that really lives by the idea that "it takes a village to raise a child" and children are so celebrated!! Our 16 month old son was showered in love by every Fijian that we came across: his cheeks were squeezed and kissed, he was constantly cuddled, so much joy was derived from the Fijians who could win a smile from him, men from building sites were yelling out 'Bula' and all Fijians we passed on the streets shared their beautiful smiles with him. What would it take for us all to bestow such an abundance of love on ALL of our children: our future?? Now when I walk in the mornings, my intention is to offer a smile, a kind word, encouragement or to send all children/babies the thought that they are loved by one and all. May our children know and feel the depth of our love, may they receive and acknowledge all of their innate gifts, may they always know their value, may they always feel a deep sense of inner peace, happiness and joy in WHO they are. May they realise that they are never alone ❤❤❤ Sending you all so much love and joy xx


Joy is in receiving each family member's gifts!! I am so passionate about this!! Ask your children what they feel some of their gifts are (they innately know - trust them) and then nurture, love, encourage and cherish them in your family!! More importantly, model to them how to love, grow and receive them:) Encourage all family members to contribute ideas, positive affirmations and inspiration in relation to each family member's gifts, so everyone can feel and know how incredibly treasured they are!! My 17 month old son is happiest exploring/interacting with nature on our quarter of an acre block - he can do this for an entire day, every day!! I love giving this to him when I can:) I believe that we live happier lives when we are sharing and nurturing our precious gifts that we especially chose to bring into this life!! Sending you and your family so much love and joy xx