Joy is in showing your children what it looks like to trust yourself!! I believe this is a lifelong lesson!! Trusting yourself is an absolute knowing in your body with the choices you make, the environments you thrive in and the people you love to connect with. My mother's instinct naturally wants to protect our son from pain/hurt so there are definitely times when I find myself saying, "Be careful", "Watch out", "Stay away from...". Of course there are times when your child's safety is a number one priority! However, I believe that to raise independent and happy children the gift of being able to trust yourself is such a valuable life lesson to be taught in all families. We naturally want to share our point of view, advise our children and save them from experiencing hurt, however, I believe the most important words we can say are, "Really trust YOU here". Sending you lots of love and joy xx


I am so passionate about creating a happy, healthy and authentic home. I have held the space with my husband for many years now about my desire to create a conscious home, with warm, loving connections and where we are accountable, take responsibility and authentically share. Therefore, I was so inspired the other night, when my husband authentically shared with me (I was in a funky space with technology!), “I know and see you in these spaces. You are pulling on me right now and wanting me to fix this for you”. In the past, I would have defended, however, I was so grateful for his set of eyes on me. My response was, “You are so right. Please hold the belief for me that I can do this and that this laptop is my friend!!” How many times do we automatically step in to fix something with our loved ones, instead of empowering them with our belief, that they have it within themselves to create their own magic?? Joy is in holding the belief for yourself and others that you can create your deepest desires. I can honestly say that we now live in a conscious home; I have held the belief that I could create this and drawn on my fierce, inner strength many times (Just ask my husband:))!! Sending you so much love and joy xx