I love helping people to find/step onto their path!! Perhaps this is because I spent a few years completely off my path. I had stopped valuing ME and instead sought to please others, all to the detriment of my health. Looking back, I felt so much discomfort in my body during those years but I chose to ignore it. It eventually manifested in Chronic Fatigue for 8 long years!! I buried all of my feelings deep down so they couldn't be felt until I felt nothing/numb. It felt easier/safer not to confront what I was feeling. My greatest fear was that if I spoke up and shared authentically that I would lose love!! One of the most important lessons I have learnt from this is to always speak up in your relationship/partnership. I share everything with my husband: feelings, ideas, fears, insecurities, frustrations, when I'm not feeling valued or I'm not valuing myself, my excitements, what I need etc!! Opening up/speaking up and "leaning into discomfort" (Brené Brown) has always created a much closer connection!! Sending you so much love and joy xx