To be honest, there have been times when I've felt exhausted, drained and frustrated in my marriage and I've blamed my husband!! There are times when I've lived in reactive behaviours like blame, control and my past favourite was the silent treatment!! Yes I have imperfections, but that's okay!! I think that as women we can sometimes underestimate our own inner strength, capabilities and power to create for ourself!! I certainly realised my inner strength after birthing a baby... now if you've birthed one baby and gone back for more that makes you superhuman, invincible and you definitely have super powers!! I believe these reactive behaviours find us when we are out of alignment with WHO we are. A question that Lyell and I ask each other when we are in these spaces is: "What do you need to give yourself right now??" My answer usually revolves around needing time to myself. However, if we're not sure what it is, we have an amazing tool that we use everyday in our home, Body Consciousness/Women's Wisdom, which was created by Jules O'Neill. This is a system, which has helped us receive clarity on who we are, what we love and what we need in order to thrive as individuals and as a family. I believe the clearer we are on what it is that we love to give ourselves, the more joy we experience!! Sending you heaps of joy and love xx