It is just so important to be conscious of the thoughts you are thinking, because every thought is energy!! We are really passionate about this in Body Consciousness!! I have the perfect example of how this played out in our home this week!! Our family became really sick for a day (both ends - apologies if this is too much info!!). However, we looked at it with awareness (yep we do this most days❤) and understood what was happening in our home. One of us in particular was 'losing' a lot of energy (hence sickness) by giving a lot of thought to 'wishing things could be different' with another person. This meant a lot of energy was being invested in pleasing this other person. With this awareness (awareness is what heals), our family member is now creating new thoughts that give to our whole family and moving on from the 'struggle' of pleasing another. The new thoughts are now really supportive of what can be created in our family life!! As Bruce Lipton explains, your thoughts are so powerful and have the potential to build/support your money bank!! Sending you so much love and joy xx