Joy is in taking responsibility for YOU! Wow – this has been a big lesson for me! Taking responsibility means that there isn’t blame in your home. It isn’t someone else’s fault. When I was 21, there were so many spaces where I didn’t take responsibility for myself – I didn’t say ‘NO’, I didn’t teach people how to treat me, I didn’t value me and I then lived life very much from a victim mentality. I blamed my husband for choices that he did/didn’t make but it was me who gave away my personal power. Now our reality is very different. We both take responsibility for our choices. If we say we are going to do something and we don’t end up doing it, we own it. It is incredibly freeing to take back your personal power and openly communicate from a space of compassion if you haven’t followed through somewhere. There is so much more love in partnership when individuals are taking responsibility for their choices. Sending you so much love and joy xx