It is an interesting practice in self understanding to reflect on your beliefs and decide if they are in fact actually yours. So often we are subjected to beliefs that aren't supportive of who we are and we adopt these beliefs as our own! When I was younger I was fierce, so determined and outspoken!! While there were people who enjoyed my way of being, I also received criticism and I made it significant. I thought 'bossy, pushy, full on' was who I was so I started to hide this part of myself!! Imagine a family space where everyone viewed one another’s qualities as strengths! A fun activity to do in family is to share the qualities that you love in each other! Firstly, give all members in your home thinking time to come up with each person's qualities. Secondly, grab a watch/phone and set it for 30secs and when you're ready give each family member 30secs to share with each person!! Have fun with this activity and may you all experience an abundance of love and joy in your home xx