I have always experienced a lot of joy in personal growth! As Tony Robbins says, "Success equals progress" so I love to feel like I'm moving forward with my creations! I recently had a close friend share that she had been hearing me repeat the same story for some time. On reflection, she was right - it was a story that didn't nourish, nurture or grow me. It really is a gift when our friends/family are honest with us, even if it can feel uncomfortable. Her honesty gave me an opportunity to focus on what stories I did want to water and grow. Is there a story that you or your loved ones have been repeating for some time? Is it time to let go of it with love and create a new one that really gives back to you? We have so much potential to generate empowering stories; may they be powerful ones that grow and nourish ourselves and all of the souls we come in contact with! Sending you lots of love and joy xx


Joy is in exploring different forms of play!! I'm definitely a believer in play fuelling one's creations, vitality and creativity. One of our favourite forms of play as a family are nature walks - the joy is in exploring a new mountain, a different walk and new environment. We always return home energised and rejuvenated! Dr Stuart Brown (author of Play: How it shapes the brain, Opens the imagination and Invigorates the Soul) explains that 'Life without play is a grinding, mechanical existence organised around doing the things necessary for survival. Play is the stick that stirs the drink. It is the basis of all art, games, books, sports, movies, fashion, fun and wonder. Play is the vital essence of life. It is what makes life lively.' Happy playing this weekend fabulous friends!! Sending you lots of love and joy xx 


Joy is in really valuing yourself as a woman! The resilience, strength and ability to unconditionally give as a mother is awe inspiring!! Recently, I went to the shops, desiring to buy something for our room that I'd had my eye on for a while. I was really conscious of a particular thought about whether I could really give myself this item. Before Ethan, I would've purchased it in a heartbeat!! In that moment, I felt my heart expand and I reflected on the times I had unconditionally given to our beautiful son: kisses on his forehead to soothe his tears; endless cuddles; trips to the park for the sheer joy of it; murmurings of 'I love you' and the numerous smelly nappies changed. I thought, YES I can absolutely give this to myself. Can you give as freely to yourself as you do to your husband and children? Sending you so much love and joy xx



Joy is in communicating from an empowered space when sharing about finances. There is no doubt that finances can create a lot of stress and drama in homes!! When we are unconscious our reaction is to blame each other - that we individually spent too much money! Life can throw you financial curve balls, however something that Lyell and I do is focus on creating and this take a LOT of mental strength!! It's far easier to blame and fall into the stress! I remember last year when we were trying to sell our house and at times I felt shaky but my husband kept saying, "Hunni, it's sold! We've so got this". Recently when something big broke down in our house, I repeatedly said to my husband and the house, "We're powerful creators - how can we easily create this to be fixed/replaced?" We are so much stronger as a creative team, rather than unconsciously making each other wrong. Sending you so much love and joy xx


Joy is in showing your children what it looks like to trust yourself!! I believe this is a lifelong lesson!! Trusting yourself is an absolute knowing in your body with the choices you make, the environments you thrive in and the people you love to connect with. My mother's instinct naturally wants to protect our son from pain/hurt so there are definitely times when I find myself saying, "Be careful", "Watch out", "Stay away from...". Of course there are times when your child's safety is a number one priority! However, I believe that to raise independent and happy children the gift of being able to trust yourself is such a valuable life lesson to be taught in all families. We naturally want to share our point of view, advise our children and save them from experiencing hurt, however, I believe the most important words we can say are, "Really trust YOU here". Sending you lots of love and joy xx